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From The Paddock



Today was my lucky day! I had the opportunity to meet the amazing horses and people of Lucky Horse Equine Rescue. I couldn’t have asked for a more inviting group (horses and people alike). Some may think that all rescue horses are abused, aggressive, traumatized and useless. This could not be further away from the truth!!
Walking around the paddocks I first came across Maddie, a 12yr old grey QH cross mare. This adorable little girl came right up to me eager to meet me. Incredibly friendly and healthy I would have never guessed she was a rescue. Turns out she is the perfect horse to build a rider’s confidence. She is a relatively forward horse with a heart of gold. She will go nicely and will help her rider feel safe and confident at a faster speed. A great all­round horse she enjoys trails, low level dressage and jumping small fences. It was hard leave her and move on, but I was eager to meet more of the LHER horses.
Next to steal my heart was Chip, the charming 4yr old palomino gelding. He too came right up to me, politely asking for my attention. He is great to work with on the ground as well as in the saddle. He is not spooky or complicated and would be perfect for a young rider working with a professional. He has been a superstar during his training for the past several months and has incredible potential if he finds a loving home­ I am not going to lie I was tempted to take him home with me.
Last but not least I met the adorable mini with the giant personality: Cody! His huge white mane draping over his cute little face captivated me right away. He has been a long time pet and craves attention and affection­ he may even try to sit in your lap if given the opportunity.
He is also particularly smart with a strong personality. He immediately located the carrot I had in my pocket and insisted on having it. I am sure he will make a wonderful pet and companion.
My first tour around the paddocks of LHER exceeded all my expectations. I look forward to spending more time with each of these horses, getting to know them, and witnessing their adoption to a fitting and caring home where they can thrive. Check back for more updates from the LHER paddocks!!


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